This section of the website covers my background. It is a portfolio of select pieces made, and industrial projects carried out for companies and clients during the early part of my career. I continue to work in this way alongside my own collection.

For many of the pieces in this section I claim very little or no design input at all. Clients often designing the piece fully themselves. Therefore, because of vastly differing client requirements and styles, the products vary enormously.

Please note that some of the images in this section were scanned from photographs which pre-date digital photography. In some cases, images may be from sources other than my own photographs and records. The quality of some of the images therefore, may be less than perfect.

Please see footnotes for brief descriptions and client reference.

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Many, but not all of the pieces shown on this website were designed by Adam.

Some were made in conjunction with other silversmiths, sometimes for external designers.

These are included to demonstrate technical craftsmanship only and Adam does not claim any design involvement whatsoever. Most of the pictures show actual items, but some are taken from stock or publications. Some of the clients listed are indirect customers.