“Applying texture to silver can be executed in many ways and has been done for centuries. How you apply the texture, and what is done to it afterwards can vary the results dramatically.”

“A number of my pieces feature a granular texture which is reminiscent of coarse sandpaper, but without the rough feel. Whilst the texture is tactile and organic, it remains grippy and hard wearing. It therefore lends itself to the moving parts on the salt and pepper grinders for example.”

“For this, I have developed a series of texturing tools which I make myself, and have over the years, perfected my method of application. It’s a gradual process using hammers and punches. It requires a gentle touch and cannot be rushed.”


“I collected magnets as a child and have always found them fascinating. Whilst playing with a box of magnets one day in my workshop, I became intrigued by the possibility of using magnets in my work in some way… I started thinking about the possibilities of making things stand up when the laws of physics suggest they would not.”

“I played around and experimented with the concept for long periods of time in my workshop, and have made several silver pieces for the dining table based on the experiments. The idea has remained in my mind ever since. The resulting work so far has been functional, beautiful and certainly entertaining! For example “Rock Shot” is a double skinned, bullet-shaped sterling silver double shot beaker, which has concealed magnets inside it and inside its accompanying black crystal base. Push it right over on its side and let go… It rocks and rolls for a long time before settling in the upright position.”

“Have your double shot, and the beaker provides further entertainment for the night! Then… Go again!”



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